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Metal Detecting Code of Ethics
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Privacy Policy
1. I will respect private property and will not detect
without written permission.
2.I will not destroy property, buildings, or deserted structues.
3. I will not litter and I will remove all trash found.
4. I will leave all gates and other and access to land as
5. I will not damage wildlife habitats, natural resources, or any private property.
6. I will exercise common sense, and courtesy at all times.

7. I will abide by all city, state, and government laws, ordinances or regulations that may govern my metal detecting search or the area I will be in.
8. I will fill all holes, regardless or how isolated the location and never dig in a way that will damage or be damaging to,
or kill any vegetation.
9. I will report the discovery of items of significant
to a local historian or museum or the powers that be.
10. I will be respectful and represent the hobby of metal
detecting in a positive way that will be an example to